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Changelog - April 5th
Created by Purox on 06/04/2020 at 00:07. Last edited by Purox on 06/04/2020 at 01:30.
Hello everybody,

after the recent downtime we were forced to have, we are finally back and will start hosting again on Monday, April 6th. Most updates that were planed for this bi-weekly update have been implemented and are listed below. We've also changed the update schedule from bi-weekly to weekly updates. Additionally, all bug fixes and not-so-game-breaking tweaks will be published as soon as possible. Before going to the updates, I want to mention that ArenaPvP will be whitelisted until April 12th, when the next update will go live as I was not able to implement the planned features as I had to work on and organize other things during the forced downtime.

- [Global] Added Arena stat reset token.
- [Arena] Added tournaments.
- [Arena] Added Final UHC kit.
- [Arena] Added Final Speed UHC kit.

- [Arena] All ArenaPvP udpates have been postponed until April 12th
- [UHC] Added scenario Broadcaster.
- [UHC] Added scenario WebCage.
- [UHC] Added scenario GoldenRetriever.
- [UHC] Added scenario BleedingSweets.
- [UHC] Before FFA matches start, you can now vote whether you want DnD in 100x100 or assigned fights in 50x50. If the majority of FFA matches have either DnD or Assigned Fights, we will remove the feature that is used less frequently.
- [UHC] Added Anti-Tracers.

- [Global] Changed tracking range for NPCs being the same as for real players.
- [UHC] Players will be teleported out of nether at the first border shrink.
- [Meetup] Updated kits to be more balanced.
- [FFA] When joining FFA you will be put into spectator mode.
- [FFA] The map will be a randomly generated 250x250 map.
- [FFA] All blocks are breakable and place-able.
- [FFA] Map will reset every 60 minutes.

- [Global] Fixed IndexOutOfBoundExecption kick when hitting a player.
- [Arena] Fixed liquid not behaving like liquid.

- [Global] Global /msg.
- [Global] Prefixes in store.
- [Global] We're constantly working on our anti cheat and will soon be auto-banning cheaters.
- [Global] Cosmetics
- [Arena] Replay system for donators.
- [Arena] Custom kits.
- [Arena] Party tournaments
- [Arena] Holograms for top players per kit