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We want to bring the best competitive experience to you.
Respect what we do, follow our rules, and we will make it.
Gameplay Rules
  1. Using any modified or hacked client to gain an advantage on the network is strictly forbidden. Following examples, but not limited to Killaura, Flying, Anti Knockback, Aimbot, X-Ray.
  2. We will not allow any user to have any kind of inappropriate profile (skin, cape, username). These users will be banned immediately and will not be unbanned until they have changed their inappropriate appearance.
  3. Using programs or clients to improve your click speed is forbidden. We do not allow users to use auto-clickers, double-clickers or any client that makes your mouse click faster than a human possibly can.
  4. Exploiting broken features and glitches without reporting them will result in a punishment. If you would happen to find a glitch or a bug, report it immediately and do not abuse it.
  5. Spamming F3 + A is not allowed. You may use it once to fix broken chunks but not for any other reason. If we catch you doing so, we will be punishing you.
  6. Playing using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not allowed and will result in a punishments from our network and services.
  7. Sharing your account with any other player is not allowed and might lead to a punishment.
  8. You will get an IP ban when you have accounts that combined reach a ban of four months or more (e.g. two of your accounts are banned for two months). Evading an IP ban is prohibited and will increase the duration of the current one. If you do not evade at all, your IP ban will be reduced to three months. Helping someone to evade an IP ban is not allowed and will lead you to a punishment.
  9. Purposely trying to act like a rule breaker will be handled as if you were breaking the rules.
  10. Using a public alt-account of which you are not the owner of is not allowed.

Chat and Communication Rules
  1. Advertising other Minecraft or game servers and/or communities is not allowed and will result in a punishment from the network.
  2. Threatening, blackmailing or harassing to DDoS or Dox players will result in an immediate punishment. We take our users' privacy very seriously and do not tolerate abuses.
  3. Sending phishing links is strictly prohibited. Phishing links are websites that try to steal someone's login credentials or sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and addresses.
  4. Always be respectful to fellow players and staff members. We do not tolerate disrespectful behaviors towards users or staff members.
  5. Do not try to impersonate staff members or famous players. If we catch you doing so, you will be lead to a punishment.
  6. We do not allow any harmful behavior or discrimination towards a group such as, but not limited to, racism, religion, sexism, nazism, nationality or homophobia on our network.
  7. We do not allow any type of inappropriate content, such as, but not limited to porn or screamer links.
  8. Threatening or encouraging users to do something that would harm them in real life is strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, telling a user to take their own life, drink bleach, etc.
  9. Do not abuse help commands such as /helpop or /report.
  10. Always try to be a good sports man.

UHC Rules
  1. The use of any illegal client, mod, cave/chest finder or X-Ray texture pack will result in a punishment from the network.
  2. Spamming F3 + A, F5 under lava, abusing the F5 bug while stripmining, mining to entities or doing anything that gives you an unfair advantage will result in a punishment.
  3. Placing lava and/or water to ruin other players' gameplay (also known as lag machines) will result in a punishment
  4. Other actions you are not allowed to do are the following: Excessive stalking, camping, iPvPing, teaming in FFA (free-for-all), forming teams larger than specified team size, spoiling the name of a disguised player, spoiling a player's location and portal trapping. Issuing any of the things listed above will result in a punishment.
  5. Camping is not allowed once the border is 100x100. You may wall up to heal or loot, but you must move on quickly.
  6. Portal trapping is strictly prohibited. Portal camping is allowed.
  7. Spoiling a player's disguised name while they are alive is not allowed and will result in a punishment.
  8. Spoiling someone else's location in global chat is not allowed.
  9. iPvPing during the grace period is not allowed. Attempting to, or causing damage to a player before PvP enables will lead you to a punishment.
  10. Stalking and stealing is allowed, as long as it is not excessive.
  11. Excessive stalking means you can not prevent a player from mining, crafting or placing blocks. Also included is continuously stealing and/or breaking furnaces or crafting tables.
  12. If you are being iPvP'd or stalked excessively, use /report or /helpop to alert a staff member.
  13. Do not stalk or follow media ranks during grace period. We reserve the right to teleport you away if you do.
  14. At start of game everyone will be healed, fed, and given ten starter food.
  15. At ten minutes there will be a final heal. There is no feed at this time.
  16. The grace period is twenty minutes long. During this time, iPvP is not allowed.
  17. You may relog during the game. You have ten minutes to get back in. A zombie (which can be killed if PvP is enabled) will spawn in your place until you return. If you don’t return in time, the zombie dies.
  18. If you relog during a heal, you will not receive it.
  19. Dinnerbone and Grumm horses are allowed.
  20. Do not go underground after 100x100 shrink. If you follow another player underground and get a kill, you will be given a minute to loot.
  21. No sky bases within 100x100 at any time during the game. You will be teleported if you don’t get down.
  22. Teleports out of the nether are automatic at the 1500x1500 scatter.
  23. The world border will teleport you inside the new border if you are outside it.
  24. The 500x500 and 100x100 shrinks are random scatter.
  25. Use /explain and /config to see game modes and config options.
  26. If you have questions during global mute, use /helpop.
  27. To send coords to a teammate, use /sc.
  28. If you believe someone is cheating, use /report so that all UHC staff members can see it.
  29. Sacrificing yourself to a player without fighting and with the intention to just gift your stuff to another player is not allowed and will be punished.
  30. Asking players for a sacrifice is also prohibited and will lead to a punishment.

Subgames Rules
  1. Purposely trying to manipulate, boost or improve another players stats will result in a punishment for both players.
  2. Teaming in a server marked as FFA, or forming teams larger than specified team size will result in a punishment.
  3. Lag machines in FFA are now strictly forbidden. Building them will result in a punishment.

These rules may be updated at any given time without a warning. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with our network rules.

Last updated: Apr 8, 16:03 PM CEST