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UHC Meetup Event Views: 30 | Posts: 2
Posted by lolitsqedraint on May 18, 20:26 PM.
UHC Meetup Event

Hello everyone, starting this Thursday, May 21 2020, we will be hosting a UHC Meetup tournament here on Atox. We will disable the regular season stats at 19 UTC for a duration of 1 week in order for everyone to qualify for the event with the same conditions. The top 20 of the temporary leaderboards (which are mainly sorted by elo) will then be invited to the main event which will take place on Friday, May 29 2020 at 18 UTC on the EU servers.

Qualification Week:

In order to get qualified you're allowed to play on both NA and EU but the main event will take place on EU. The top 20 of the leaderboards are allowed to participate alongside the 10-15 streame...


The New Atox Network Views: 15 | Posts: 1
Posted by Labersack_ on May 15, 12:25 PM.


Atox was created earlier in 2019 when we started working on a Minecraft project for the first time called "Atox Network" which was a Minecraft server providing competitive gamemodes to its audience. Around December we decided to stop working on the project for several reasons. We, however, wanted to continue working on different projects and keep using the name Atox.

The End of Crate

Once we saw that friends of ours started working on their own Minecraft server, being Crate, we offered our development power in or...


UHC beta games, new Anti-Xray, and more! Views: 18 | Posts: 0
Posted by Purox on May 03, 00:03 AM.
Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news to share!

Throughout the last couple of weeks we have been working on updates not only for UHC but for the whole network, which includes better performance in general, but most importantly make PvP feel better by a lot. Over the last couple of days we have hosted a decent amount of private (firstly with admins, then with staff) UHC matches, once we thought the majority of all bugs was fixed we moved on to public matches and discovered unforeseen issues which were patched soon after.

Now, we're ready to slowly start testing the new system further by hosting multiple test games a day before fully switching to the new system (which is most li...


Changelog - April 5th Views: 30 | Posts: 0
Posted by Purox on Apr 06, 00:07 AM.
Hello everybody,

after the recent downtime we were forced to have, we are finally back and will start hosting again on Monday, April 6th. Most updates that were planed for this bi-weekly update have been implemented and are listed below. We've also changed the update schedule from bi-weekly to weekly updates. Additionally, all bug fixes and not-so-game-breaking tweaks will be published as soon as possible. Before going to the updates, I want to mention that ArenaPvP will be whitelisted until April 12th, when the next update will go live as I was not able to implement the planned features as I had to work on and organize other things during the forced downtime.


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